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Therapeutic Massage treats your whole body and mind. Many of today's health problems can benefit from therapeutic massage, because the manipulation of soft tissues affects so many of our bodily systems. The benefits of massage are extensive. 
• Massage aids in improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure. • Massage stimulates the release of chemicals in the bloodstream that cause the blood vessels to stay dilated longer than normal, causing the muscles to receive more oxygen, which decreases the chance of injury to the muscles. Massage also replenishes nutritive materials. Along with oxygen, nutrients are transported to the cells and tissues of the body more efficiently.• Massage promotes rapid removal of metabolic waste products.• Massage supports the immune system.• Massage reduces stress and anxiety as well as promotes relaxation. In turn, relaxation has a diminishing effect on pain.• Massage promotes better sleep and relaxation.• Massage promotes several hormone  levels, causing a decrease in  pain and  stress levels;  facilitating healing,physical and emotional and improved mood. EFFECTS OF MASSAGE• Massage relieves muscular tension by relieving muscular restrictions, tightness, stiffness and spasms.• Massage relaxes muscles by reducing excitability of the nervous system caused by daily stressors. • Massage reduces muscle soreness and fatigue and causes muscles to heal more rapidly.• Massage increases range of motion and strength by lengthening and toning muscle fibers and reducing trigger points or muscle knots.• Massage increases flexibility due to the relaxation and lengthening of muscles. • Massage increases mineral retention in bone. Massage increases the retention of nutrients such as nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus in bones.• Massage promotes fracture healing. Massage promotes circulation around a fractured bone, which speeds up the bone's natural healing process.Other effects of massage include:  healthy digestion, reduction of fatigue, increased vigor, reduction of job-related and posttraumatic stress, mood improvement, decreased feelings of anger, improvement of body image and self esteem, the promotion of communication and self expression, improvement of lifestyle habits and physical well-being. Massage also reduces touch aversion and touch sensitivity in victims of abuse, increases academic performance and mental alertness.  While massage is a very effective treatment option, it is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, advice or treatment.  Please consult your primary health care provider if you seek those services or if you have a question concerning whether massage is right for you and your specific condition(s).
Common Types of Massage
Swedish Massage- Traditional western massage that utilizes long flowing strokes, kneading, vibration and percussion.  Also called relaxation massage.
Deep Tissue Massage- Incorporates the Swedish strokes and also adds specific neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, connective tissue techniques.  Level of touch is more intense.  
Medical Massage - Massage intended to speed healing of injury and facilitate recovery from certain medical conditions.
Hot Stone- Relaxing work done with the placement of hot stones and stokes with hot stones in the therapist's hands.  The stones increase the blood circulation and invite tense muscles to relax.  
Gentle Bio-Energetics - A collection developed and compiled by Dr. Eva Reich of mind-body techniques primarily intended to help clients heal from trauma, particularly pre-verbal.  More involved than massage and often includes verbal process.  For more information see
Polarity/ Reiki- Very gentle energy work to restore the natural flow of life energy to relax and energize.
Body Wraps - Heat treatment utilizing clay and herbs said to detoxify and improve the quality of the skin.
Body Scrubs -   Heat treatment using a sugar mixture to exfoliate and nourish the skin.
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I have used Sandra Tompkins as my personal Massage therapist for over 10 years on a weekly basis. I have also used her as our primary outside referral for massage for our patients. We have always gotten great reports from our patients from their experience. I highly recommend her as I find her integrity, knowledge and skill to be top notch.�
- Dr. Mathew Stockstad, DC