I am sharing some of my philosophy about massage with you throughout this site.  I have a huge sense of deep gratitude for all of my clients.  I also have a great sense of responsibility for their well-being and believe that the quality of my client's lives can be enhanced through massage. 
Now about my education and professional experience.  I earned a Master of Science degree in Community Counseling from Western Carolina University, Bachelor of Science in Management and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  My massage training was completed at The Whole You School of Massage in Rutherfordton, NC.   I have a Master's level certification in Medical Massage. I have over 1000 hours of training in Gentle Bio-Energetics and Polarity Therapy from Richard Overly and The Gentle Bio-Energetics Institute.   I am a part of the Gentle Bio-Energetics Institute, teaching, administration and practitioner.  I teach Polarity Therapy for Continuing Education.  I have over 12 years experience as a Massage Therapist. During that time, I have worked successfully with a wide array of problems and conditions through massage.  I am Nationally Certified and duly licensed by the state of North Carolina. In addition  to my private practice, I worked at Hot Springs Resort and Spa as a Massage Therapist through April, 2011..  
Some of my other professional and personal accomplishments are : 

Sandra L. Tompkins, MS LMBT NC#185  70 Woodfin Pl. Ste. 302 Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 231-3960
Sandra's overall caring manner, her knowledge of her profession and her attention to detail are crucial components of her massage sessions.  She always spends time at the beginning of the session talking about ME.  She asks about what is going on in my life in general and asks what particular aches or pains I might be experiencing. I have become accustomed to the fantastic experience of massage, I usually fall asleep or go into a state of deep relaxation almost as soon as the massage begins.
-Patty C.